EZ RJ11-12

Using the EZ termination systems from Platinum Tools, these RJ11/12 connectors allow the conductors to be pushed all the way through the connector so that the colour sequence can be checked before crimping, saving time and preventing waste. With the EZ RJ45 crimp tool or the EZ RJPRO HD crimp tool to trim the excess and crimp in one action, a perfect termination can be achieved every time.

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  1. EZ-RJ11/12 Crimp Connectors x50 100026C

    • Simple one piece design… no bars or liners
    • Eee-Zee to verify wire sequence
    • Reduces scrap, no wasted crimps
    • Faster terminations
    • More reliable, higher performance
    • Compatible with most RJ11/12 crimp tools except for AMP
    • Crimp with the patented EZ-RJPRO HD crimp tool for even faster, more reliable terminations
    • Pack of 50 pieces
    • Platinum Tools 100026C
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    Product Code: 450137
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