For Oversize Cables

When the dimensions of a cable exceed the maximum permissable for use in the EZ RJ45 termination system, the use of our two-part Cat6 connectors may be necessary. If boots are required, there is also a variety of colours and sizes to suit your installation. If using Cat6A cabling, our Cat6A connectors will also cope with the larger diameter cable and the same boots can be used to cover and protect the external ground.

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  1. ezEX48 Connectors x50 100029C

    • Simple one piece design… no bars or liners
    • Rated up to 10 Gigabit
    • Faster terminations
    • More reliable, higher performance
    • Crimp with the patented EXO crimp frame fitted with EXO-EX die
    • Max cable outer diameter 7.36mm
    • Outer diameter of conductor with insulation between 1.09mm and 1.22mm 
    • Suitable for stranded or solid conductors
    • Supplied in a pack of 50 pieces
    • Platinum Tools 100029C
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    Product Code: 450375
  2. RJ45 Cat6 2pc Connector with Liner x100

    • Use for larger Cat6 cables
    • Max outer diameter 7.1mm
    • Max inner conductor o/d 1.12mm
    • For solid conductors only
    • Use in Cat5 or Cat6 networks
    • Pack of 100 pieces including liners
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    Product Code: 450305
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