Network Tools and Connectors

These categories contain our EZ RJ45 tools, connectors and tool kits as well as any other tools, connectors and faceplates that are associated with RJ45 connections and networking.

Within the Connectors section in addition to RJ45, we also include EZ RJ12/11 connectors and CAT6A connectors. Tools for crimping and preparing cables for termination can all be found in the EZ Tools and General Tools section. Kits containing both EZ Tools and Connectors can be found in their own section.

Outlets for RJ45 networks can be found in the Faceplates and RJ45 Outlets section. This includes all snap-in modules containing RJ45 sockets as well as the corresponding matching faceplates into which they fit. The Patch Panels section includes all of our RJ45 patch panels and includes a rack mounted mains distribution panel.