Electronic Switches and Converters

This category includes all electronic switches, splitters and converters. Audio Visual signals can be in many different formats and these formats are not always compatible, so it may be necessary to convert a source's output format so that it matches a display's input format. Common AV formats are composite video, component video, VGA and S-video.

Devices which convert different AV formats to HDMI for use with an HDMI equipped display are contained within the section HDMI output. Devices which convert HDMI to different AV formats for use with other types of display are contained within the HDMI Input section.

Within the Audio and AV converters section are converters which convert audio only into different formats - optical to analogue, for instance, and also converters which convert video into different formats other than HDMI.

HDMI Extenders use network cable or coaxial cable to extend the distance between HDMI equipped sources and displays up to 50m and above. Finally, splitters and switches increase the number of sources or displays that can be used in a system by replicating the signal to multiple displays or by switching between multiple sources.