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Brush Plates
Brush Plates

Wall Brush faceplates and Screwless Brush Faceplates


This new range of high quality screwless brush faceplates is exclusive to us and is now available in single gang and double gang variants and in Brushed Stainless Steel, Polished Chrome, Satin Chrome and Iridium Black finishes.



Buy the full range of brush faceplates including white plastic versions with white or black brushes, adapter plates with white or black brushes and brushed stainless steel version with white or black brushes, plus the screwless brush plates available with black brushes only. Single gang and double gang variants are available in all styles. Use brush faceplates wherever cables pass through walls. Saves time and effort. No patching up to do, simply fix a brush faceplate over the opening in the wall. No plastering to do, no need to use an electrical back box, simply screw directly to the wall. Ideal for plumbers to cover up holes made for pipework.


The EZ RJ45 Range of Connectors and Tools
The EZ RJ45 Range of Connectors and Tools

EZ RJ45 connectors and tools from Platinum Tools, make crimping network RJ45 connections easy. The patented EZ RJ45 connectors allow the inner cores to be pushed all the way through the CAT5 or CAT6 ez connector, so that the colours can be checked before crimping. Ethernet EZ RJ45 connections are made faster and with less waste. 

Click here to see the full range.



The EZ RJPRO crimp tool crimps ez RJ45 connectors and ez RJ11/12 connectors and trims the cable in one easy action. EZ RJ45 connectors in CAT5e version, shielded CAT5 EZ RJ45 connectors, CAT6 EZ RJ45 connectors and EZ RJ11/12 connectors are available with strain relief boots available for the CAT5 and CAT6 EZ RJ45 connectors. Coloured strain relief boots are available for CAT6 plugs and transparent strain relief boots are available for both CAT5 and CAT6 versions.

See the EZ Snapjack for fast, reliable connections to RJ45 outlet sockets. The EZ crimp system makes RJ45 crimping easy. The inner cores pass all the way through the connector so that colours can be checked prior to the crimping process taking place. This results in a quicker and more reliable connection, saving time and waste.

Speaker Terminals
Speaker Terminals

Speaker terminals with gold posts or flat terminals are available in our Wall Plates - Speakers section. These speaker terminal plates are designed to be installed within our Euromod faceplates. They accept standard 4mm banana plugs, or the cable can be clamped directly onto the gold posts.

Click here to see the range.



Our range includes speaker wall plates, speaker modules, speaker faceplates, speaker terminal plates, 5.1 speaker plates, 7.1 speaker plates, 2.1 speaker plates, surround speaker plates. At the back are screw terminals so the speaker wall plates can be connected to the cable by the use of a screwdriver. No soldering is necessary.


Electronic Converters
Electronic Converters

Our range of converters allows you more connection choices in your AV system. Convert HDMI to VGA to use existing VGA displays and projectors with new HDMI sources or convert VGA to HDMI so that you can connect your PC to an HDMI equipped monitor.  Our latest addition is a mini HDMI to VGA converter which requires no power supply.




Also convert composite to HDMI, component to HDMI, component to VGA and Wii to HDMI. We also stock digital to analogue audio converters and analogue to digital audio converters. Whatever your needs, check our range first.

HDMI Cables
HDMI Cables

HDMI to HDMI cables are available in a variety of lengths and formats. All of our cables meet the standards required to carry the HDMI High Speed logo or the HDMI High Speed With Ethernet logo as appropriate for HDMI 1080i and HDMI 1080p . Our cables have straight HDMI connectors, right-angle HDMI connectors or pivoted HDMI connectors that adjust through 180 degrees.

For the full range of HDMI cables, click here.


Our full range includes 1m HDMI cable, 1.5m HDMI cable, 3m HDMI cable, 5m HDMI cable, 10m HDMI cable, 15m HDMI cable, 20m HDMI cable. We also have a full range of HDMI connectors, HDMI adaptor, HDMI connection and HDMI wall plate.

Projector Screens
Projector Screens

Electric Projector Screens and Manual Projector Screens

Projector screens are available in manual or electric projector screen versions. All of our home cinema projector screens have the widescreen projector screen 16 9 format. Elite projector Screens have a variety of control options with several offering RF or infra red remote control or direct triggering from the screens projector.

For the full range of electric screens, click here.


Our full range includes home cinema projector screens, widescreen projector screens, fixed projector screens, projector white screens, electric projection screens, motorized projection screens 16 9, electric and motorized screens.

Home Cinema Cables
Home Cinema Cables

Home Cinema Cable and Interconnect Cables

We have a variety of home cinema cable and interconnect cables including HDMI, optical, RCA and Scart. Our home cinema cable is of the highest quality and is perfect as 1080p hdtv cable. Our All4u interconnect cables are specifically designed to be used as home cinema cable and include metal plugs with gold terminals and high quality shielding.



We have home cinema optical cable, home cinema hi fi cable and interconnect cables.

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VGA to AV Converter
CVS Price: £19.50
Audio Converter 2-Way
CVS Price: £24.00
HDMI to Analogue Audio
CVS Price: £20.00
HDMI Over Coax Receiver
CVS Price: £95.00
Cable Prowler PRO Kit
CVS Price: £640.00
HDMI Switch 3in/1out
CVS Price: £12.00
HDMI Splitter 1in/4out
CVS Price: £23.00
HDMI Splitter 1in/2out
CVS Price: £15.00
HDMI Splitter 4k 1in/4out
CVS Price: £26.00
HDMI Splitter 4k 1in/2out
CVS Price: £21.00
TeleTitan Cat6A Cat7 Crimp Tool
CVS Price: £49.00
HDMI BaseT 70m Extender with IR
CVS Price: £125.00
HDMI Over Coax Extender with IR
CVS Price: £175.00
Tilting TV Wall Bracket 23-37in H10-3
CVS Price: £30.00£7.50
USB Charger and Double Socket
CVS Price: £16.00
IR Over HDMI Kit
CVS Price: £22.50
HDMI Over CAT5/6 50m Extender
CVS Price: £105.00
HDMI to SDI Converter
CVS Price: £97.50
SDI to HDMI Converter
CVS Price: £39.84
Triple RCA module in White
CVS Price: £14.88
Triple CAT5 CAT6 Module White
CVS Price: £7.40
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