HDMI Switches and Matrix

HDMI switches allow you to direct one of several HDMI inputs to an HDMI display. An HDMI switch avoids having to disconnect and reconnect cables when changing sources for display on your TV. A matrix switches between several sources and more than one display, providing either duplicate or different content to several displays.
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  1. 4k HDMI Switch 3 Port with Audio Extractor

    • Takes up to 3 inputs and allows the selected input to appear at the output
    • Auto-selects the input if only one input is active
    • Supports full 4k x 2k,  3D and full 1080p HD
    • Separates audio and produces an optical SPDIF output and an analogue stereo output
    • Supports ARC audio return
    • Remote control included
    • UK power supply included
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    Product Code: 410202
  2. HDMI ARC Adapter

    • Use older devices with your ARC enabled TV
    • This device produces an optical audio signal from your TV
    • Connect to your amplifier via an optical Toslink cable
    • Pass through mode allows connection of DVD etc to the TV in the normal way
    • ARC function can be switched using the switch on the top of the device
    • Led indicator tells you whether ARC is on or off
    • Complete with USB cable for power
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    Product Code: 411002
  3. HDMI EDID Feeder

    • Resolves problems between an HDMI source and display
    • 4k and 3D Compatible
    • Supports 16 modes of EDID
    • Supports resolutions from 720p to 4k
    • Supports audio from 2 channel to Dolby Digital and DTS
    • Requires no external power
    • Bi-Directional
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    Product Code: 411001
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