HDMI Extenders

HDMI exenders, HDMI to coax converters and HDMI to Cat5 converters use Cat5/6 ethernet cable or coaxial cable to extend the range well beyond the range of standard HDMI cable. Some HDMI extenders can allow a distance of 100m or more between the source and the display, even more when daisy-chained. Coaxial or ethernet cable is also much easier to install than HDMI cable as it is lighter and less fragile. All of these extenders have 1080p HDMI capability and some are able to transmit 4k UHD HDMI signals.

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  1. HDMI Over Coax Extender with IR

    • Extend HDMI over standard coaxial cable
    • HDCP compliant
    • Transmit 1080p over 100m
    • Transmit SD HDMI over 300m
    • Full 2 way IR control at each end
    • Additional receivers available
    • Receivers can be daisy-chained to cover unlimited distances
    • Complete with 2 UK power supplies and IR components
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    Product Code: 416028
  2. 100m Coaxial Extender with 1-way IR

    • Extend HDMI using standard coaxial cable
    • Uses BNC connections to connect to the coaxial cable
    • Transmit 1080p over 100m
    • Supports 1080p and 3D
    • HDCP compliant
    • Use IR to control the source from the display
    • Complete with UK 3 pin power supplies
    • Complete with IR receiver and transmitter
    • Supports all audio formats
    • Black metal case
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    Product Code: 416037
  3. HDMI 100m Lan Extender 4k

    • Extend HDMI using Cat5/6 cable
    • Extend RJ45 network using the same cable
    • Ideal for smart TV
    • Two way IR control
    • Two way RS232 Control
    • Maximum distance for 1080p 100m
    • Maximum distance for 4k UHD 70m
    • Supplied with one UK power supply with 3-pin plug
    • Requires power at one end only
    • Two IR transmitters and two IR receivers included
    • Uses standard IEEE-568B UTP configuration (not crossover)
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    Product Code: 416036
  4. HDMI BaseT 70m Extender with IR

    • Extend HDMI over a single Cat5e/6 cable
    • Transmits 4k over 40m or 1080p over 70m
    • 2 way IR control at each end
    • Supplied with one UK power supply (for use at either end)
    • User manual
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    Product Code: 416029
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