HDMI Extenders

HDMI exenders, HDMI to coax converters and HDMI to Cat5 converters use Cat5/6 ethernet cable or coaxial cable to extend the range well beyond the range of standard HDMI cable. Some HDMI extenders can allow a distance of 100m or more between the source and the display, even more when daisy-chained. Coaxial or ethernet cable is also much easier to install than HDMI cable as it is lighter and less fragile. All of these extenders have 1080p HDMI capability and some are able to transmit 4k UHD HDMI signals.

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  1. Wireless HDMI Extender Kit 200m LKV388A

    • Full 1080p HD and 3D compatible
    • HDMI and HDCP compliant
    • HDbitT technology
    • Wireless transmission
    • IR control of source
    • Up to 200m transmit distance
    • Model LKV388A (200m version)
    • Plug and Play
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    Product Code: 416034
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