Audio and AV Converters

These AV converters can be used between various AV devices to convert one video or audio standard to another so that displays or amplifiers can be used when they do not have the same inputs as the source equipment. Convert a games console with composite outputs so that it can be used with a VGA display or convert a digital coaxial audio source so that it can be plugged into an amplifier or a TV having only optical inputs.

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  1. Digital to Analogue Audio Converter

    • Converts digital audio into analogue audio
    • Headphone socket for analogue output
    • Optical socket or coaxial phono socket for inputs
    • Mini USB socket for power (UK mains adapter supplied).
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    Product Code: 416013
  2. HDMI to Analogue Audio Converter

    • Extract stereo audio from HDMI with PCM audio
    • Output on phono sockets or 3.5mm headphone jack
    • No additional power source necessary
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    Product Code: 416031
  3. VGA to AV Converter

    • Convert VGA to Composite Video
    • Takes a PC display format and converts to AV
    • Use a video monitor with a PC
    • Use a video projector with a PC
    • 3.5mm jack for audio input
    • Phono sockets for stereo output
    • UK 3 pin adapter supplied
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    Product Code: 416033
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