The use of Brush Faceplates

Brush Faceplates in AV Installations

Brush faceplates are an ideal way of allowing cables to pass through walls and emerge behind TVs and other equipment while keeping the are neat and tidy.

white brush faceplate

Our brush faceplates are available in sizes to match standard electrical back boxes. While an electrical back box is not absolutely essential, it allows the use of standard screws and provides a secure fixing point for cables at the first fix stage. When the installation is ready for the second fix, the brush faceplate can simply be screwed on using standard electrical screws provided.

The standard sizes for brush faceplates are single gang and double gang, referring to the number of electrical outlets that could be fitted to the back box. So a single gang back box is suitable for a single gang electrical socket and a double gang is suitable for a twin electrical socket.

A single gang brush faceplate has an aperture through which cables can pass measuring 50mm x 50mm, while a double gang brush faceplate has an aperture measuring 50mm x 100mm. These sizes are large enough for terminated cables to pass through with plugs attached such as HDMI cables, VGA cables even 13A plugs.

Why Use Brush Faceplates?

As the apertures are large enough for terminated cables to pass through, there is no need to terminate the cable at the wall. Simply pass enough cable through to reach the device you are connecting to and keep your cable in tact. This means that you have fewer connections to make with less possibility of signal loss and less chance of unreliable connections. There is no need for a special faceplate and that means a faster installation.

What types are Available?

Our brush faceplates are available in a wide range of types and finishes. The range starts with plastic faceplates like the one above. All of our brush faceplates are available with either black or white brushes and all of them are available in single or double gang sizes.

 polished chrome brush faceplate screwless polished brass brush faceplate brush faceplate in polished brass brush faceplate in screwless white

We have metal faceplates in a flat plate style and a brushed stainless steel finish and we have a range utilising the popular Varilight Dimensions screwless faceplate, some pictured above, again in a flat style but with the screws concealed behind a snap-on metal or plastic faceplate depending upon the colour chosen (white and black colours use plastic faceplates). The Dimensions range measures less than 5mm in depth.

exploded brush adapter plate

 Special Types

If you have your own faceplate and wish to create your own brush outlet, you can purchase an adapter plate which fits behind your faceplate as in the picture on the right. The brush adapter plate is also available in single and double sizes to fit standard electrical back boxes and there is a choice of white or black brushes.

These adapter plates fit behind any standard faceplate that is 8mm or more in depth, such as the very common MK Logic Plus faceplate and any other similar faceplate.

Brush Modules

white brush module

Another way of utilising your own faceplate is by the use of brush modules.

Brush Modules are designed to snap into any standard euromod faceplate having a 50mm x 50mm aperture. This means you can pick any faceplate, normal or flat design and in any colour. The brush aperture is smaller than with a standard brush faceplate which utilises the whole of the 50mm square aperture, as it measures 32mm x 32mm. This is still large enough to pass most terminated cables through.

The brush module is available in white with white brushes or in black  with black brushes.