Protect your RJ45 Network with the Datalock

ez-cat5-datalock-blue-with-conn_500sqPrevent unathorised or accidental disconnections of your network cables with the Datalock Strain Relief. Each strain relief boot comes with a locking pin which can be fitted to the strain relief and which prevents the tab from being depressed. This locks the RJ45 plug into it’s port.

Only by using the supplied key and removing the locking pin can the tab be depressed and the plug removed as normal. Plug the connector back into the port, replace the locking pin and the RJ45 connector is once again locked into place.

There are two versions of the Datalock. One is suitable for any RJ45 plug, whether it is Cat5e or Cat6, and it is also suitable for our EZ RJ45 Cat6 connectors – see here. The other version is suitable purely for our EZ RJ45 Cat5e connectors, see here.

Each Datalock pack contains 20 strain relief boots, 20 inserts and two keys and each version is currently available in either red or blue.