Platinum Tools from Clear Vision Systems

Platinum Tools – High Quality Tools for Professionals

Platinum Tools have been supplying CVS with the highest quality network tools, connectors and test equipment since 2008. Since then the range of products available from Platinum Tools has grown and our stock has grown considerably. We now hold stocks of over 100 lines of Platinum Tools’ products; all available for immediate dispatch from our warehouse.
Professional tools should be high quality and dependable. Platinum Tools are just that and you are assured of long term service by the excellent warranties provided with these products. Below, we show you a just a selection of the range that you can order from

The EZRJ45 Range of Network Tools and Connectors

platinum tools ezrj45 crimp tools

The original range of EZ RJ45 tools and connectors is designed to make termination of Cat5e and Cat6 cables easy. All connectors allow the inner conductors to be pushed all the way through so that the sequence of colours can be verified. Then a single action with the crimp tool trims off the excess and crimps the connector securely to the cable. Both tools have the capability of crimping RJ12/11 and RJ45 connectors. Additional cutters built into the EZ RJPRO HD tool allow for trimming and stripping of cables.

The Platinum Tools ezEX Tools and Connectors

platinum tools ezEX tools and connectors


For larger diameter Cat5e, Cat6 and Cat6A cables. This range of tools and connectors allows the use of the EZ RJ45 termination system on cables with larger outer diameters and larger inner conductor sizes. The EXO crimp frame works on a modular system and has interchangeable dies. The EX die works with ezEX44 connectors (for inner conductor sizes up to 1.12mm) and ezEX48 connectors (for inner conductors up to 1.22mm). The system allows the conductors to be pushed all the way through, in the same way as the EZRJ45 system.

An EZ RJ45 die is available for the EXO crimp frame to make the tool compatible with the standard Cat5e, Cat6 and shielded connectors. Both dies are reversible so that the tool can be used in the left or right hand.

The 10Gb Cat6A Termination Kit, Tools and Connectors

platinum tools shielded cat6a 10Gb tools and connectors

The Platinum Tools 10Gb Cat6A kit uses two part shielded connectors with an external combined shield and strain relief. The kit provides everything that is required to prepare and terminate the cable including a crimp tool and a separate tool to crimp the external ground. The 10Gb connectors are available separately as is the Tele Titan Xg2.0 crimp tool which both crimps the connector and crimps the external ground.

 Platinum Tools Strain Relief and Boots

platinum tools strain relief and bootsA large range of coloured strain relief and boots are available for a professional finish to your leads. These are available for various sizes of cables. Some of them are designed specifically for the EZ RJ45 Cat5e, Cat6 and shielded connectors and lock into place at the same time as the connector is crimped.  The larger boots can be fitted afterwards and fit most RJ45 connectors including the ezEX range.

A special type of locking strain relief, the Datalock,  is available which can be used to prevent accidental or unauthorised removal of cables from their port. A special tool is supplied with the strain relief and this is the only way of releasing the connector.

Insertion and Punchdown Tools for RJ45 Jacks

platinum tools insertion punchdown tools


Platinum Tools manufacture a range of tools for RJ45 Jacks. The Pro-Strike insertion tool has a range of features including adjustable force and interchangeable blades, making it the punchdown tool of choice for professionals. The Jack AX insertion tool, holds the jack securely while progressively inserting the cable into each terminal – it places no strain on the jack. The Xpress Jack holds the jack in it’s jaw and terminates all 8 conductors at once. Interchangeable dies make this tool suitable for Platinum Tools’ keystone jacks and others. Finally, the Snapjack requires no tools at all. Insert the conductors into the plastic frame, trim then snap the lid shut to make the connections.

The Platinum Tools VDV Mapmaster Range

vdv mapmaster test meter

The VDV Mapmaster tests voice, data and video cables. It is capable of testing all conductors for continuity, mis-wires, shorts and open circuits, producing a graphic display showing pass or fail and a representation of the wiring being tested. It can also measure cable length and distance to faults. A range of accessories give the meter the capability of measuring a large number of cables at once without having to walk to the end of the cable runs between each test. A kit is also available containing the meter and accessories in a handy and sturdy carry case.