Introducing the EZ RJ45 Termination System

Find out how EZ RJ45 can help you terminate Cat5 and Cat6 cables

 ez rj45 crimp sequence

The EZ RJ45 system has been designed to make terminations fast, easy and reliable. EZ RJ45 allows you to push the conductors all the way through the connector so you can check the colour sequence before crimping, saving time and reducing waste.  The special crimp tool trims the ends and securely crimps the connector to the cable in one simple operation.

The high quality EZ RJ45 system has been precision engineered to ensure that results are repeatable time and time again. The crimp tools are designed specifically for use with the EZ RJ45 range of connectors and replaceable blades are available to ensure that results are always perfect.


ez rj45 features

EZ RJ45 connectors are available for Cat5, Cat6 and shielded cables and can be used with solid or stranded cable. The video below shows a demonstration of just how simple the process is. The simplicity of the system means that no special training is required and perfect terminations can be made straight away.

the ez rj45 crimp tool

Many of our customers have been delighted with the EZ RJ45 system and some of them have provided us with the quotes below.



We keep a large stock of the full range of EZ RJ45 connectors and tools including shielded and un-shielded connectors, strain relief, crimp tools, cable strippers and tool kits combining many of the above into a handy carry case or tool box.

The EZ RJ45 system is used by network installers, AV installers, electricians and engineers throughout the world. Our customers range from data centre installers and large businesses like Sony through to individuals wiring their home. The EZ RJ45 system is the simplest to use, the fastest and the most reliable. Contact us on 01262 424900 if you need any further assistance or guidance.

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