HDMI Wireless Extender 200m

HDMI Wireless Extender Over 200m with IR

This HDMI wireless extender can solve your installation problems. Sometimes, there are just not enough wires in the wall to do the job. Perhaps it is necessary to install an additional HDMI display in a new location which had not been considered during the design stage. In an existing installation there may be no access to install additional cabling. You might need a temporary solution which does not warrant the time and expense of laying cables; a solution that you can re-use at the next event, perhaps, or move between venues?


This wireless HDMI extender can provide a neat and fast solution. It works at a distance of up to 200m and it can transmit 1080p and 3D compatible HDMI. It even allows you to control the source from your display. Use your remote control handset to stop and start your Blu-Ray player with the IR receiver and transmitter supplied.

wireless HDMI IR diagram

No set-up is required, this wireless HDMI extender works straight out of the box. It requires no wires between the transmitter and receiver and no Wi-Fi connection. Simply plug both the HDMI wireless transmitter and receiver into a power supply, connect up the HDMI cables to your source and your display and the system is ready to go.

The unit uses 5.8GHz and HDbitT technology to transmit full 1080p sound and images with no loss of quality. HDbitT is a new technology extending the capability of wireless HDMI transmission. HD sound and vision up to 1080p 3D can be transmitted in real time over greater distances and with higher quality when compared to previous technologies.

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