EZ RJ45 Connectors and Tools

EZ RJ45 Connectors

The EZ RJ45 crimping system comprises patented connectors and tools to make crimping easy.

The EZ RJ45slide connectors have holes at the end that the inner cores of your CAT5 or CAT6 cable pass right though. This means that the cable colours can be checked to ensure that they are in the correct order before the connector is crimped. This results in faster terminations, more reliable connections and less waste.

To prepare the CAT5 or CAT6 cable, strip the outer cover from the cable using the EZ RJPRO HD tool. Seperate the inner cores and smooth them straight using the blade of a screwdriver or similar. Sort the inner cores into the correct order according to the cable convention you wish to follow (both standard conventions are printed on the face of the tool and are printed on the instruction leaflet), then hold these in order as you pass them through the EZ RJ45 connector.


Pull the cores as far through the connector as possible then check that the cores are still in the correct order.

When you are satisfied that the cores are in the correct order, twist them all together, take the EZ RJPRO crimp tool, place the tool around the EZ RJ45 connector and crimp. Remove the tool and the job is complete. It may be necessary to pull the twisted cores back and forth a little to free them completely from the EZ RJ45 connectors.

Other EZ Connectors

Also available is the EZ RJ11 and EZ RJ12 connector – the same connector is suitable for both applications. The EZ RJPRO crimp tool has a separate die built in alongside RJ45 die to allow it to handle both EZ RJ45 connectors and EZ RJ11/12 connectors.

Strain relief boots are available for both CAT5 and CAT6 EZ RJ45 connectors. Transparent boots are available for both types, while coloured boots are available for the CAT6 EZ RJ45 variants only.

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The EZ RJPRO HD Crimp Tool

The EZ RJPRO EZ PRO HD Crimp ToolHD crimp tool is a high quality professional tool with a sturdy no-flex frame which allows it to handle oversize cables with heavy duty jackets as well as standard cables. It is capable of dealing with the over-size jackets and stronger inner core insulation found in the toughest cables. The design of the tool makes crimping easy with minimum force.

The EZ RJPRO HD crimp tool will accept most standard connectors with the exception of AMP connectors. It has built-in wire cutters and strippers and spare blades are available.

The connectors are fully supported during the crimping process and the tool spreads the crimping force throughout the whole of the connector, preventing damage and distortion and providing totally reliable connections.

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Other Platinum Connectors

The EZ Snapjack is an RJ45 outlet designed to fit into a Euromod carrier for use with any standard Euromod faceplate. In keeping with the EZ RJ45 connectors, the Snapjack makes termination of CAT5 or CAT6 cables simple.

A plastic former is provided with the connector, through which the inner cores of the cables are pushed. A colour code is printed on the core to ensure that the cores are inserted in the correct order. This plastic former is then simply placed inside the outer casing while the two halves of the casing are snapped shut to complete the connection.


Platinum Tools

Other tools that are available include side cutters and CAT5/CAT6 cable strippers. These tools are all up to the usual high standard expected of Platinum Tools.