Digital Modulator uses Freeview Channel

Edision Digital Modulator for HDMI

This digital modulator makes it easy to distribute HDMI from a local source such as Sky or Blu-Ray to multiple screens. By converting the HDMI input to a Freeview channel, it is possible to use existing aerial distribution systems to send the HD input to any Freeview TV* within the system.

Connect the digital modulator to the source and your TV, then re-tune your TV to find the new Freeview channel. Once found, you can choose which programme number to use, then select your HDMI source in high definition as if it was just another freeview channel.

digital modulator connection diagram


You can continue to watch all your existing Freeview channels. This HDMI digital modulator simply adds a new Freeview channel to those already received through your aerial when connected as shown above. The new channel is easily adjustable so that it does not interfere with any of the broadcast channels in your area. The above connection diagram shows a single source and a single modulator, but several modulators can be stacked so that several new channels can be introduced, each with a different source. For example, with three modulators,  Sky can be introduced on channel 42, a DVD player on channel 43 and a media player on channel 44, as shown below.



An aerial distribution systems does not have to be used – the HDMI digital Freeview modulator can work point to point with a single source and a single Freeview TV as shown below.


If no Freeview TV is available, a simple Freeview HD set top box can be added as shown above. It is not necessary to connect an external aerial in order to watch your high definition source, but if you do you have the ability to watch all of the Freeview HD transmissions in your area as well as your HDMI source.

*All TVs with Freeview HD built-in will work with this modulator as will most later Freeview TVs. The requirement is that the TV must have Mpeg4 video processing. Earlier TVs may have Mpeg2 video processing in which case the TV will not display a picture, only the sound will be heard. If the TV is not suitable, any current Freeview HD set top box may be added in order to receive the Freeview channel.

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